Kids’ Winter Drawing Club

A new season of after school clubs has begun at my daughter’s primary school and I’m delighted to be leading the Art & Sketching club this term.

Thinking the kids might want to unwind a bit after a full day of schooling, we decided to keep things loose and let everyone’s imaginations run wild. The results were very interesting. In addition to the samples above, there were sketches of forests full of trees and wild animals, human portraits, graffiti-style fonts, Christmas-themed decorations, Anime-style people, 3D cityscapes and a LOT of BIG eyes!

I laid out an assortment of different coloured paper and card and tipped a basket of coloured pencils, pens and crayons for everyone to dip into. The gasps as the colours clattered and rolled out onto the table were quite amusing.

With John Coltrane’s relaxing tunes playing in the background, everyone busied themselves with some good old-fashioned pencil-on-paper drawing whilst having the chats.

From time to time I received requests for “board drawings”. Using the whiteboard proved to be a great way to demonstrate different drawing technique, how to recognise areas of their work that they loved, as well as those they weren’t so happy with and lastly, how to approach the sketching stage differently second time round.

All in all it was a lovely way to spend time in the company of other artists, and the only shame is that the hour goes by so fast!